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Feature Friday Business Networking Conference Call - 7:45am-SHARP


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The Feature Friday Business Conference Call is free event from the Business Connection - free to join, no dues, no fees, no manadtory meetings.  This program is for YOU as an additional resource to expose your business to thousands of the Business Connection Members every week.

Simply, dial into the Call every Friday morning at 7:45am-SHARP and be prepared to give your 30 Second Commercial.  Not only will your Commercial be heard by the dozens who attend the Live Call but it gets recorded and posted on the Internet where it's listened to in PlayBack by hundreds of others thus becoming a permanent advertisement of your business.

Think of it as a Virtual Coffee Meetup.  Listen in PlayBack at our BLOG - www.YourLinkToLocalBusiness.net - under the "Feature Friday and Business Meetups" tab.

To have your business featured on the weekly Feature Friday Business Conference Call, please send an email to Lamar Morgan (who's information can be found on the www.YourLinkToLocalBusiness.com free membership website).

The Feature Friday Business Conference Call is your opportunity to Connect with thousands of small business professionals just like you. 

Come out and meet us in person at our weekly Coffee Meetups - Follow us on our Calendar at www.YourLinkToLocalBusiness.com

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So join me Friday morning.

Each Friday morning le