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The Feature Friday Business Conference Call is free event from the Business Connection - free to join, no dues, no fees, no manadtory meetings.  This program is for YOU as an additional resource to expose your business to thousands of the Business Connection Members every week.

Simply, dial into the Call every Friday morning at 7:45am-SHARP and be prepared to give your 30 Second Commercial.  Not only will your Commercial be heard by the dozens who attend the Live Call but it gets recorded and posted on the Internet where it's listened to in PlayBack by hundreds of others thus becoming a permanent advertisement of your business.

Think of it as a Virtual Coffee Meetup.  Listen in PlayBack at our BLOG - www.YourLinkToLocalBusiness.net - under the "Feature Friday and Business Meetups" tab.

To have your business featured on the weekly Feature Friday Business Conference Call, please send an email to Lamar Morgan (who's information can be found on the www.YourLinkToLocalBusiness.com free membership website).

The Feature Friday Business Conference Call is your opportunity to Connect with thousands of small business professionals just like you. 

Come out and meet us in person at our weekly Coffee Meetups - Follow us on our Calendar at www.YourLinkToLocalBusiness.com

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So join me Friday morning.

Each Friday morning learn new tips and ideas about using word-of-mouth marketing to build a strong referral business. The Live Conference call is at 8am-sharp, led by Lamar Morgan,  of the Business Connection and each week we will feature and promote a new person/business-chosen from those who regularly participate each week.


Be a Feature Friday Business. Request to be put on the schedule Today.
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About Us


What is this group all about?… business networking and doing business by referral.

Online and Offline

What is networking?

Think about it, you network all the time. How do you get information about a new car or about the next holiday trip? Why are you reading a specific book or why did you go see that particular movie? How will you find a baby-sitter at the last minute or get hold of that cook for your party? In many cases you will call on someone you know.

Still, networking does not come easy for everyone...

A lot has to do with knowing the rules of how to network. Today that includes online as well as offline. I would like to offer some ideas and tips on how to become a more effective connector or networker.

Effective networking will build you a LIFELONG community of colleagues, champions, friends and mentors. The great news is anyone can do it starting today. The secret to successful networking is truly connecting one relationship at a time

Relationships really matter our own well being comes from our relationships. Building strong relationships, which is what networking is all about, is even more important now in this new, fast-paced, global business environment.

Successful people do not achieve their success on their own, instead they surround themselves with a well developed, sophisticated support network. In a world that grows more complex and more competitive every day, networking is necessary not only for survival but also for high achievement.

The central principal of networking is the spiritual ideal common to all the world’s great moral systems: the concept of GAINING through GIVING. We all network, but some of us- the most successful of us – are Networking Masters.

The really great thing about effective networking is it’s not only great for life and business, it’s very rewarding and when done right it’s FUN!!!

The Mindset

The power of generosity. When you help others they often help you. Reciprocity is a fancy word for caring for each other and taking a vested interest in each other’s success. Friends helping friends family helping family and has nothing to do with manipulation or quid pro quo

Networking or connecting is about helping others and asking for the help of others Sharing resources talents knowledge contacts in a continuous effort to help OTHERS be successful

Real connecting is one of the most important business skills you can have. Why?

People do business with people and  they know, like, and trust

So what is the secret to success… in one word generosity. We have to be willing to give it and be willing to ask for it. Connecting is a constant process of giving and receiving.

Networks functions because there is recognition of a mutual need. “Build a community of those you love and those that love you”

Build it before you need it and then continue to build it.

I am not talking about just promoting your product or idea, or about manipulating other people or even to keep track of the “score”.

The point is to help others without strings attached. To put this in business terms: First you need to “invest” in a non-obligatory way to possibly reap the rewards later on. What you “receive” can be something really big, like a tall order from a new customer, but can equally be small like the smile or a thank you note from a person you have helped.

Network with the motto “Givers Always Gain” and your life will be much less complicated and its quality will improve!

I wish you all the best- Bryan Daly

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